About Us

Dubbed Island Health Station, this will be located sands complex where a potential place of operation has been earmarked is quite accommodating both space and price.

This clinic will be unique in nature where the service will be of the highest quality using a combination of local and international standards and personnel. The management of the business will be of a sole proprietorship, however in future the option of partnership will be on the table for the enhancement of the business.

The model of this Island health station is to collaborate with the local hospitals, social welfare programs and specialized physicians to provide affordable medical care to all. Along with the actual service provided will be health lectures to provide preventative advice and awareness to the general public.

Island Health Station will be used as a convenient alternative to the general hospital for minor ailments. Prompt, accurate diagnose will be done to ensure the correct measures are taken.

Another component of the business is the “at home” care offered. Many persons unable to attend a health care facility on a regular basis or just too much hassle, so eliminate this hassle an at home service is provided.

The same professional care will be administered at home with guaranteed quality and satisfaction.